Model of the Schooner Bluenose

Details of my Schooner, Bluenose. The Model is 1/20th Scale.

  • Radio Gear:- 2,4 Gig, 2 Channels, Rudder Servo, 2 Sail Winches.
  • Hull length 72 inches, Beam 14 inches, Depth 13 inches.
  • The overall Length of the rigged Model is 7 Feet.
  • The Main Mast height is 5 1/2 Feet,
  • Fore Mast is 5 Feet high above the Deck.
  • Total Sail Area 3,500 sq inches.
  • Main Boom length of 40 inches.
  • Displacement is 75lbs.
  • Sailing Water depth 26 inches minimum.
  • Keel weight 10.5 Kg, 23lbs

In spite of the large size of the Model, much thought has gone into the matter of transport. Bluenose will easily fit into all but the smallest of Cars, there is no need for Trailers, or large Vans.

Both Masts are removable, they are both Deck Stepped, the Bowsprit slides in, onto the Hull and the large Keel and Ballast can be quickly taken off, when Sailing is finished.

All the Standing Rigging is of fixed lengths of Stainless Steel cable, the Masts are jacked up at their Bases, to tension and set the rigging, when preparing to sail.

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