Rigging Points

Where the rigging is connected to the Deck, Masts and the Booms needs careful attention to ensure the points are strong enough. It is no use having very strong rigging lines if the attachments are too weak. ALL hooks must be made from Piano Wire which is the spring steel wire used for Model Aircraft […]

Rigging Lines

Smaller Scale boats, up to 40 inches long will still need strong rigging line, such as Dacron, which can be bought from the Kite shops. The line must not stretch, lots of fishing lines do stretch, so be very sure when buying line, to ask if it stretches. Bigger Scale boats can use fishing Trace […]

Model of the Schooner Bluenose

Details of my Schooner, Bluenose. The Model is 1/20th Scale. Radio Gear:- 2,4 Gig, 2 Channels, Rudder Servo, 2 Sail Winches. Hull length 72 inches, Beam 14 inches, Depth 13 inches. The overall Length of the rigged Model is 7 Feet. The Main Mast height is 5 1/2 Feet, Fore Mast is 5 Feet high […]