Rigging Points

Where the rigging is connected to the Deck, Masts and the Booms needs careful attention to ensure the points are strong enough. It is no use having very strong rigging lines if the attachments are too weak.

ALL hooks must be made from Piano Wire which is the spring steel wire used for Model Aircraft under carriages. About 1/16 inch diameter should be big enough, larger if the boat is very big.
Bending this wire takes some practice, use good pliers and wear some goggles, just to be safe!

Make the Hooks long enough to prevent the Wind from shaking them off should anything come loose while sailing, better to lose the sail settings than the whole Rig.

Rigging a Scale boat so that the rigging is correct to Scale, is rather hard to do. Model boats do NOT have a Crew to change the ropes and rigging while the boat is sailing.
Rig the boat so that everything works – – – just like the real boat, even though some of the rigging has to be placed slightly out of Scale.

Main Booms and Backstays often cause huge problems, in real Life the Crew would sort things out, but on a Scale model, there is no Crew. The Backstays on Bluenose had to be moved to 3 inches behind the Main Mast, because the Main Boom extends out over the Stern of the boat. With the Backstays in the correct place, the model could not Tack into the Wind.

The object is to get the model boat sailingĀ  just like the real boat, so some sacrifices just have to be made.

If the model boat sails and responds like the real boat did, no one will notice, even if they did, when you explain why the changes were made, it will be understood.

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